Groom’s Mother Wedding Speech

Mother of the Groom SpeechWhen you prepare your speech, you ought to behave exactly like the successful orators, who prepare themselves not only for the composition phase, but also for the delivery phase. More precisely, you must prepare the two essential things related to your mother of the groom speech: its content (its text, that is what you will actually say at the wedding party) and its presentation (its delivery, that is how you will give your oration at the reception). This means that you shouldn’t undervalue the manner of delivering your toast.

Here is a helpful analogy for understanding the value of the modality of presenting the speech: think about a food product that is advertised on the television; it can be, for example, a chocolate; well, from now on, while preparing your toast, you should see your mother of groom toast like a chocolate promoted on TV: the speech’s content (its text) is the chocolate itself, and the speech’s presentation is the chocolate’s wrapping. Well, the way of delivering any oration is exactly the “wrapping” of that oration.

Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech Tips

You’ve probably heard the advice saying: “Don’t judge a book by its cover!”. Unfortunately, when it comes to wedding toasts, the audience is impressed more by the way the toast is delivered, than by the ideas that are communicated through this oration. This means that, in the period prior to the reception, you must focus not only on preparing the text of your mother of the groom wedding speech, but also on preparing the technique of communicating this text to your listeners. Now that I explained you the huge value of the modality of offering the speech, it’s time to tell you the most important presentation tips.

Interaction with the audience is the most powerful, important and successful presentation method. By involving your hearers into your oration, you will gain three valuable things: you catch their interest and attention, your toast becomes informal and engaging (these qualities are absolutely necessary for a successful mother of the groom speech), your listeners feel that they are your friends. The interaction with the audience can be obtained by using four techniques. The most effective method is when your voice tone is colloquial, that is when you speak like chatting with your friends. Another method of involving your hearers into your oration is by using the words “you” and “yours” many times during your toast. Looking at your spectators in the eyes and questioning them are other two modalities of making your listeners to participate in your oration.

During your mother of groom toast, you should talk directly not only to your viewers as a whole, but also to some of your listeners in particular. Your son (the one who is getting married, the groom) is the most important attendee with whom you ought to interact, by felicitating him and wishing him a blessed marriage. The bride (who recently became your daughter-in-law) is the second most important participant with whom you must intract, by expressing your admiration for her and by welcoming her in your family.

Besides interacting with your spectators, another effective presentation tip is to feel confident and relaxed while you offer your mother of the groom wedding speech at the reception. You can be relaxed and confident only if you have prepared thoroughly your oration and if you have no emotions. Your voice must not tremble with emotion. There is an easy and effortless way of getting rid of the emotions, and that is by rehearsing your toast. During the rehearsal, you ought to see yourself at the wedding party, with all the attendees looking at you.

Mother of the Groom Speech Example

If you repeat your oration many times, the chances are that you end up learning the speech by heart. In this situation, it’s more than likely that you will deliver your toast like a pupil in front of his or her classroom, teacher and classmates, telling the lesson that he has memorized at home. You must avoid to offer your mother of the groom speech like a robot. While you speak, you must not hurry, you must not talk incessantly and you must not use the same level of voice. Instead, you should speak slowly, you ought to pause briefly from time to time and you really should adjust your voice for highlighting the major ideas, words and phrases.

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