Delivering a Great Speech is not as hard as you think!

There is a difference between just a mother of the groom speech and a memory. A mother needs to put in some effort in order to make the perfect wedding speech for his son. But, often a lot of details are left in an attempt to get done with the whole ordeal sooner. A perfect speech will perfectly reflect every thought of the mother and his feelings regarding the marriage of his son. It truly matters for a son, how his mom feels about the woman in his life. So, a mother needs to put in some effort in order to project all his true feelings about the occasion.

Omit bad memories from the list of events

While preparing the speech, the groom’s mother will definitely have to insert some specific events from the life of the groom. It may be something like his childhood memories or when he first talked about his girlfriend. But, there are always such incidents where you have not been particularly happy with your son. This is not the occasion to come up with them. Such upsetting thoughts and memories should be omitted from the speech and only sweet and beautiful memories should be written about.

Praising the bride and her family

The mother should always show how happy she is to welcome the new member of the family into the family. She should praise the bride and mention all her good qualities. It is a very important part of the speech, as the bride will be leaving her family to embrace her new family. She should get to know how well she has been accepted. The mother of the groom should give the bride and her family the assurance that she will have the love and support of all the members of her new family.

Mentioning the responsibility of the son

A mother should most definitely mention in her speech, how good a husband she wants him to make. She should draw the example of her husband and tell her son that he should try to be like his father. She should remind him her duties and ask him to give all love and respect that his wife deserves. This is a sort of assurance to the bride’s family that their daughter is in the right hands.

Need for humor

Humor is very important in the speech before the wedding toast; otherwise it may sound too preachy. It can be added through some quirky and funny advice that you have picked up from your marriage, or some funny little story about your son’s childhood.

Wish them good

Towards the end of the speech, mention how much you love your son and his bride. Also, shower your blessings on them and ask them to keep loving and supporting each other. Wish them a very happy married life full of beautiful moments and memories. This is what they need the most. Words said straight from the heart will surely touch the heart of all people.

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