Mother of the Groom Wedding Speech Presentation Tips

How to Prepare Your Wedding SpeechWhen searching for useful tips for giving a speech, all the tips you can find usually fall into three main categories: preparation, writing and presentation tips. This article briefly describes important tips related to the presentation your speech.

This kind of tips show you how to deliver a toast in order to be highly appreciated by the audience. Before revealing you these tips, I must tell you that a perfect toast has to be short, simple, sincere, entertaining and not too formal.

A feature that almost all the boring and unpleasant speeches have in common is that they do not interact with the audience. Unfortunately, there are some wedding speeches for the groom’s mother that have this unwanted feature.

This happens when the speaker gives his or her toast like telling a lesson at school. The cause of this behavior might be the fact that the speaker has repeated the speech so many times before the wedding toast, that he or she has learned it by heart. Emotions may also play an important role in this kind of delivering an oration.

The solution to the problem above is to involve (some of) the attendees in the mother of the groom wedding speech. This can be done very easily, in any of the following ways. The simplest way to include the wedding participants in your speech is to look at many of them, while you deliver your oration. Another way of involving them in your toast is to ask them questions (tag questions are good) and to use as often as you can the pronoun “you”. More precisely, you should address to them directly, by saying, for instance, “you all know”, “all of you”, etc.

A good opportunity to involve your audience into your mother of the groom speech is when you thank them for coming to your son’s wedding. There are two special persons with whom you must interact during your oration; they are the newlyweds: your son, i.e. the groom, and your new daughter-in-law, i.e. the bride.

First of all, you must welcome the bride and her parents in your family; you can do that in the intro of your mother of the groom toast. Another thing recommended to do and which implies interaction with the audience is that you should congratulate the groom (your son) for his choice (of marrying with such a pleasant woman, your new daughter-in-law).

There is another way to involve the attendees in your oration, and that is to use a conversational tone, which means that you ought to deliver your mother of groom speech as if you were talking to some friends. This means that you should see the wedding guests as they were all friends of yours.

Besides interacting with the audience, “modelling” a professional public speaker is another useful tip for presenting your oration. According to this tip, it’s useful to behave, move and speak like an experienced orator. For doing this, while preparing, practicing and even delivering your mother of groom wedding speech, you must ask yourself some questions like the following ones: “Where and how would a successful public speaker look while giving the speech?” (the answer to this question is presented above, in the section referring to the interaction with the guests), “How would he speak and behave?”, “What gestures would he use?”, etc.

The resources (which also include mother of the groom speech examples) on this website contain not only useful answers to these questions, but also another important pieces of advice for behaving and speaking like a professional speaker. While delivering your oration, it’s really helpful to keep in your mind the ideal image of yourself, i.e. to never lose sight of your ideal qualities, while preparing, composing and offering the toast. These ideal attributes should be: positive, sincere, confident, respectable, etc.

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