The Tone of Your Wedding Speech at Your Son’s Wedding

I know, you are very preoccupied with the things you will say in the discourse that you need to offer at your son’s bridal reception or ceremony, and you would like to discover numerous mother of the groom speech samples and templates, but have you ever wondered what is the most important thing when it comes to this talk? To put it more accurately, what really matters the most with regards to this kind of discourse? It’s the atmosphere, believe me.

More precisely, the way you make the attendees, and especially your listeners, feel during and also after your speech is what really counts, after all. So, all the other aspects of your talk, such as words, ideas, formulations, and even the way you are dressed, the way you talk and move, are simply means by which you can, and should, achieve your main purpose, which should be this: to make the guests feel great.

In other words, you should, at least, not offend or annoy anyone present at your son’s wedding reception. Moreover, you ought to please them, by, at least, meeting their expectations which regard you and your mother of the groom wedding speech. More exactly, there are some duties you should accomplish through your talk, such as: blessing, greeting, thanking, welcoming, describing, complimenting, congratulating, etc. You can read more about your responsibilities and your listeners’ expectations in an article that I published here, on this website, and which is focused on the duties of this type of speaker.

So, you not only have to not upset any attendee, but also meet their hopes and even exceed them, in order to create a perfect atmosphere with your discourse. However, be careful not to neglect your own needs, such as creating a good image about you in the minds of those listening to you and looking at you. Furthermore, a great atmosphere doesn’t mean that you turn yourself into a clown, or look or behave silly, in an effort to make the audience laugh. No, you shouldn’t do this! Instead, you must make sure that the guests like your discourse, without having to make a fool of yourself.

Tone of Mother of the Groom Speech – Examples of Effects

Let’s get back to the principal subject of this article: “what is the most important thing in terms of your mother of groom speech“, the atmosphere created, and also “how to create a pleasant ambiance with your talk”. Well, the tone of your discourse is everything. More precisely, it’s your talk’s tone that determines the general atmosphere. This means that you should adjust your tone so that it has the desired effects. Let me provide you some examples in this respect.

I think it’s better to begin with the negative effects, so that you would see what to avoid doing. If you will use the same voice tone for your whole speech, you will bore the listeners and make them to not pay attention to you. The stupid jokes, as well as the sophisticated language and the long, pretentious and complicated formulations annoy and even offend the attendees. A cold and distant tone will make the audience dislike you.

You will determine the listeners see you as a pupil who is telling the lesson at school if you will “recite” your discourse or if you will look in a single point, place, region or direction during your whole mother of the groom speech. Examples of behavior strategies by which you can eliminate these negative side effects have been published by me in another article on this website. I invite you to read it, as it is really helpful.

Okay, enough with the negative effects. Let’s see now the positive examples that correspond to the negative ones mentioned above:

  • a voice tone that varies according to the topics that are said, emphasizing the most important ideas, will keep the audience focused on the speech, because it makes the discourse interesting and worth listening;
  • the good jokes make the attendees laugh, enjoy your talk and create, about you, the image of a positive and happy woman, who has the sense of humor and knows how to use it;
  • if you will use your own words, therefore, being natural and having a simple language, not pompous, the audience will be impressed in a positive way and will really like you and your wedding speech;
  • a warm and friendly tone will make the listeners feel that they are a part of your family or of your circle of close friends and, as a result, they will highly appreciate you and your discourse;
  • if you will look at various guests during your talk, and also if you will make short pauses while speaking, you will look confident and relaxed, just like a professional speaker.

Elements Defining the Tone of Your Discourse

From the examples presented in the previous paragraphs, I’m sure that you can easily identify the elements that define the tone of the mother of the groom speeches and toasts. First of all, we can talk about exactly the two primary components of any discourse:

  1. the content, which is also known as the wording or the text, and which consists in the words and expressions that you use, as well as in the ideas that you cover and, of course, their order and their formulations;
  2. the presentation, which represents the way in which you deliver your talk; the main elements of this delivery are: the speaker’s voice tone, attitude, moves, gestures, way of looking and physical appearance.

The Ideal Tone of a Wedding Speech

I found useful to mention, in the final section of this article, the principal characteristics of the ideal tone of a mother of the groom speech. Examples of ways by which you can obtain such a tone are included in the other articles, as well as in the resource promoted on this interesting and helpful website. So, the most appropriate tone of this type of discourse is one that is friendly, warm and chatty. In fact, the conversational tone is the secret element of any successful speech.

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