Typical Ending of the Mother of Groom Wedding Speech

Like any school composition, every wedding speech should consist of three basic parts: a short introduction must continue with a big main part, which ought to be followed by a brief conclusion, called, in your case, the ending of the mother of the groom speech. If, in the previous posts on this website, I offered you interesting suggestions of ideas that you might (and even ought to) include in the first two essential portions of your oration, the intro and the body, I decided to focus this article on the third, and also the last segment of your toast: its ending.

An important quality of all successful speeches is that each of them has its own main subject, that is their content is focused on a certain topic. The last part of the oration should highlight this principal subject. For example, you can choose gratitude to be the main theme of your mother of groom wedding speech. In this case, you must tell, especially in the oration’s body, how grateful you are for having such a wonderful son (the groom), such a lovely daughter-in-law (the bride), a family so united and so many friends around you and celebrating with you this important moment of your life: your son’s wedding. You should express your gratitude for the fact that your son has found the woman of his dreams and now he has his own family. This feeling of gratitude can be re-emphasized in the last part of your toast.

You can discover other ideas for the main subject of your oration by reading the many mother of the groom speech examples and templates that are included in the resources promoted by this website. Besides summing up the major topics of your toast, in the ending of your oration you should also bless the newlyweds, wishing them a bright future, a happy marriage, many healthy, wise and clever children.

Many wedding speeches end with a toast proposal for the bride and the groom. You can do this in the very last sentence of your oration, by asking the guests to raise their glasses for the happiness of the new couple. However, there are some wedding speakers who decide to end their orations with a joke, an inspirational poem or just a simple quotation. You can do that as well; you will find inspiration for this if you read the examples of mother of groom toast included in the resources advertised on this website. In these resources you will also find many funny wedding quotations, as well as love and wedding quotes, that you can include in any part of your speech. In the ending of your oration, you can also congratulate the new couple.

In the previous paragraph, I told you that many speakers choose to finish their speeches by proposing a toast to the newlyweds. This means that there are many chances that they use a toast proposal similar to yours. Since you shouldn’t express yourself just like your previous speakers, when you prepare your mother of the groom speech, you ought to formulate your toast proposal in three different ways and, during the wedding reception, you must be careful to choose the suitable version.

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