Wedding Speech Template for the Groom’s Mother

When you have to deliver an oration, there are two essential things that you have to prepare: the content (the text that you will say) and the presentation (the way of delivering the oration). The easiest method of composing any toast, and especially a mother of the groom speech, is by using some templates or examples of such orations, which you can modify, combine or adapt. This article presents a general template that a woman can utilize for creating the toast that she will offer at her son’s wedding reception.

The structure of this speech template is the typical structure of any short essay or literary work: it begins with a small section, called introduction, it continues with the main part, referred to as the speech’s body, and it ends with another small portion of text, generally known as the ending or the conclusion. The intro of your mother of groom toast must contain your presentation, in which you tell to the attendees that you are the groom’s mother. Before introducing yourself, you can recite an appropriate poem or quotation, as the modality of opening your oration.

If you open your speech by telling a proper joke, you will immediately capture the attention of your listeners, making them interested in what you are going to say. However, when you choose the joke, poem or quote, you must make sure that you won’t upset anyone with these ideas. Besides presenting yourself, felicitating your son, the groom, for his adorable wife is a thing that you must do during your mother of the groom wedding speech, either in the opening section or in the main part.

The other person with whom you are required to interact while offering your toast is the bride; first of all, you have to tell the audience how much you admire her and how delighted you are that your son married such a special woman. Welcoming the bride in your family is a must; this is something you can do in the last part of the introduction or in the body of your toast. Before you begin to select the ideas that will form the body of your mother of the groom speech, you should choose the main topic of your oration, because all these ideas must be congruent with this topic.

A brief description of your son, the groom, would be suitable for the main part of your toast. You can also share some funny moments from his adolescence or childhood. After choosing these events, you should consult him to see if he likes them or if he prefers other moments. Some parents decide to include some advice for a blessed, joyful and fulfilling marriage. You can offer as well this kind of advice in the main part of your mother of groom toast, being cautious about the effect this advice might have on your audience. More precisely, you must avoid upsetting any guest, especially your family. This cautiousness is valid throughout your entire speech, because you must choose your words very carefully; you must avoid confusing and ambiguous language (such as the double meaninig words).

In the last section of your oration, you must bless the new union, the one between your son and his wife. You must wish them to accomplish all their goals and dreams, and to have many healthy, happy, smart and adorable children. You can end your mother of the groom wedding speech in many ways; one way would be to propose a toast for the bridegroom and his wife. A good joke, a suitable poem or quotation are the other options for ending your oration.
Now that I finished telling you the ideas that you can include in your toast, it’s time to remember you the most important tips related to the oration’s content. Your toast must be short; its duration shouldn’t outstrip the suggested maximum limit of  five minutes. A typical attribute of successful orations is sincerity. This means that you ought to say during your mother of the groom speech only what is true for you and for your family. Use a simple and natural language, avoiding pompous orations.

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